Weird beauty products you probably have ever heard about

Weird beauty products you probably have ever heard about.


Nasofix Scam Or Not? I used it and here is my honest review and thoughts



I purchased nasofix from their web site it’s really a tool that can improve the final look of the nose. There’s nothing to lose since they have a a reimbursement in case it does not work so I simply tried it for curiosity and made a journal on the changes I’ll notice. The product is around 30 U.S dollars and was shipped to me in 12 days.

To start with, My nostril is probably the ugliest a part of my body. It’s crooked to pointing towards the right part and the droop is so severe I appear like having a beak instead of a nose. It is so thin already I just wish to align it and elevate the droopy tip.

Journal of Use up to Day 14 (Excerpt)

Day 1

This is the initial day I will use the device. The instructions says 10 minutes a day for 10…

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